What Else We Offer

We are able to provide additional offerings covering many aspects which need to be addressed as part of organisational change. Amongst others, these include –

• Comprehensive support in the drafting of a detailed Specification of Requirements

To ensure your aims for change and your eventual solution are fit for purpose

• Board-level presentations

To assist senior management to consider strategic options in support of a business case

• Assistance on procurement via Framework Agreements

To ensure compliancy with EU Regulations on procurement processes

• Cultural Change

To address the creation of new policies to maximise the savings and benefits

• Raising staff awareness

To support management with possible staff reticence at new working practices

• Project Management

To implement any solution with minimal disruption to the organisation

• Contract Management

To support with contractual relationships and billing queries

• How to monitor current and future expenditure

To evidence savings – both financial and carbon

• Validation of suggested savings by any potential supplier

To audit the assumptions of suppliers bidding for the provision of a print/document solution

• Verification of performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators

To confirm the compliance of all parties towards delivering the intended solution

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